“Advisor Says”: What is Your Dog Most Excited for This Spring?

March 3, 2021

With spring just around the corner, we asked our advisors a VERY important question: What is your dog most excited for? Read on to see what our four (or three!) legged best friends are dreaming of while watching the snow melt.

Backcountry skiing and practicing his avi skills! 

Avi dog extraordinaire, Koot! He is NOT ready for that snow to melt.

A lot of new and yummy smells, hiking on dirt, splashing in alpine lakes, and of course, warm summer evening bike rides!

Sweetie, cruising in style. She’s having fun–promise! Don’t mind the RBF.

Beatrice AKA Bea taking a dip at Redfish.

Without a question, going on many of our favorite local hikes and fly fishing. He is a GSP, so naturally extremely active and his name “River” could not be more fitting. 

River learning the fine points of trout identification from dad.

          Our Chiah-russle -Fina -is excited not to have to sleep under the covers to stay warm.

Fina, snug as a bug in a rug dreaming of the warm weather she deserves.

My dog enjoys the snow but she’s small so ends up low-key drowning in it. She’s a runner and stoked for getting her sprints on at the dog park and on the trails post snow-melt and when we get a warm spell–SWIMMING!

Dottie running her booty off on the trails and shaking off a swim


            Cooper’s looking forward to springtime hikes! His favorite is probably the White Clouds loop; it’s short and not too hot that time of year.

Cooper, who loves a good hike but also loves dressing up for a proper occasion.

At 12 + Ginger is looking forward to long naps in the backyard in the sun

Ginger, living her best fluffin’ life.

One of my dogs had to get his leg amputated this winter, so he is looking forward to not having to try to walk on 3 legs in the snow! It was quite the challenge but luckily he is real trooper! (Photo from pre-amputation days!)

Super trooper, Mayhem!

          My dogs can’t wait to run around the yard. With the snow they are stuck in the trails they made. 

India and Ty in their happy place–NOT stuck in a rut!



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