“Advisor Says”: Favorite Spring Hikes

March 31, 2021

With Dollar Mountain closing last weekend and just a few short weeks left before Baldy shuts down for the season, it’s time to start getting out for some glorious springtime hikes!  Sure, you might encounter a little mud or lingering snow, but it’s worth it for the stunning wildflowers and invigorating fresh air! This week, our advisors share their favorite trails in the area. Happy hiking!

South Valley lupine can be stunning well before it comes on up north…A walk out Croy Canyon’s Democrat Gulch road or, also out Croy, drive up Colorado Gulch to the parking area and walk the road (a good climb!) and you’ll be filled up with color and scent!

Proctor Loop is awesome because it is the perfect length for a quick lunch break hike and gives a great view of the melting snow on Baldy! Plus, you have cell phone service throughout so you can always listen to conference calls while getting a little Vitamin D!

The terrain in the spring can vary between a little snowy and very muddy, but if you aren’t afraid to get dirty Goat Lake in the spring is quite the adventure. 

Proctor Mountain! The lupine blooms and wildflowers are always so spectacular, and you can’t beat the 360 views of the Pios, Baldy, Dollar and Sun Valley.

Well this is tricky because it all depends on the snow conditions. Since not much is open, I would have to say sunnyside-lanes-adams road loop. But once the snow is melted, Mill Lake is my favorite hike! It’s around 4 miles round trip with quite a bit of elevation gain. Amazing wildflowers while you hike along the creek, and  gorgeous views of the Boulders. Then, voila, it opens up to a gorgeous alpine lake. Don’t forget your swimsuit!

Love Proctor loop in the spring. It is amazing to see the valley from the top turning green with new life.

I Like to start with Prospect Loop up at Elkhorn (not to be confused with Proctor Loop!) It’s a great hike year round! I then like to work my way out a little further North each week or two– Adam’s Gulch, Taylor Canyon, Fox Creek, etc. 

My favorite hike (really a bikeride) are the trails out Croy canyon. They are the first to thaw out and the scenery is awesome. They are also a good way to get the legs back in biking shape. 

Favorite hike is Proctor after the snow melts. Then mountain biking is my go-to and what I get most excited about in spring. It is fun to work your way north up the valley starting in Croy working towards the Galena trails! 

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