“Advisor Says”: Best Spots to Shop Local for the Holidays

December 16, 2020

The holiday season in Sun Valley feels a bit like the North Pole with the magic of snow falling and festive decorations. It’s the perfect place to take care of any last minute holiday shopping! Our advisors all agree– the best place to shop is to shop local! As our friends over at Bellissimo say, “When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.” We’ve put together a gift guide in case you need some inspiration AND had our advisors weigh in on their favorite places to shop! Happy Shopping!

Gift Guide:

-Candles from Huck & Paddle

-Gift cards from Consign Design

-Hank & Sylvie’s for adorable notebooks, cook books and stocking stuffers

-Sturtevant’s and Backwoods for the outdoor explorers in your life! Ski gear, hats, coats, gloves

-Elephant’s Perch for great mountain biking gear and fashionable outdoor clothes

-Silver Creek & Lost River Outfitters for the fly fisherman in your life-Simms Taco bag wader bag, waterproof fly packs, MFC trout flasks are popular this year

-The Toy Store for kids– they offer handpicked gift sets for various age ranges and offer personal shopping service!

-Ketchum Kitchens for the newest kitchen gadgets– air fryers are all the rage right now

-Book a weekend in the future at the Limelight hotel for a romantic getaway

-For those big spenders (we’ve met you before!) schedule a time to go look at property or pick out the perfect piece of land to build your Sun Valley dream home, or even a ski condo for you to visit throughout the year!

Advisor Favorites

 Bellissimo, Huck & Paddle, Panache, Sway, Independent Goods, Ketchum Kitchens… there’s so many wonderful local businesses to shop at and support in our Valley! 

I love going to Hank & Sylvie’s for cards, table books, and small gifts. Ketchum Kitchens also is a favorite!

Huck and Paddle, Farmer’s Daughter, Girl Friday 

PK’s, Holli Jewelers, and the Brass Ranch.

Huck and Paddle, Ketchum Kitchens

Sun Valley Signature and Gifts

Elephants Perch, Backwoods, Sturtos

Wildflower, Huck & Paddle, Moonshine

Sturtevants, duh. 

All of our shops are great! Depends on what you’re looking for…   it’s all here! Unique, fun, inexpensive, practical, intimate, expensive, romantic.

Image courtesy of Huck & Paddle

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