2021 Design Trends

February 24, 2021

What’s hot and what’s not? Find out in this roundup of 2021’s hottest design trends! 


1. Wallpaper

Peel and stick, traditional, floral, geometric, art deco– wallpaper is IN. Wallpaper can be used on an accent wall, in a powder room, or floor to ceiling in your whole home! It’s fun and allows you to give personality to each room in your house. This trend has been slowly gaining steam for the last few years but seems to have really taken over this year! 

Image Courtesy of architectureartdesigns.com

2. Rattan

Did you think this trend disappeared in the 1970’s? Think again! Rattan is making its way back in bed frames, chairs, night stands, coffee tables, and more! Rattan is a strong, light material that comes from a vine-like plant similar to bamboo.

Image Courtesy of interiorsonline.com


3. Black Kitchens

The white on white or gray on gray kitchen seemed like it was never going to leave its pedestal as the top choice for kitchen decor. Homeowners are now leaning more toward a dark kitchen in 2021 and we are seeing stunning black cabinets, counters, and fixtures. This look is sleek and modern and a refreshing change!

Image Courtesy of Sebring Design Build

4. Dark Colors 

In addition to kitchens, dark colors are making their way throughout the rest of the home. We are seeing shades of dark charcoal in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Dark walls can provide a sense of security, calm, and grounding. Homeowners have been going “light and bright” for years, but the dark wall trend is seeing a lot of converts!

Image Courtesy of Living Etc.


5. Plants, Plants, and More Plants

In case you hadn’t noticed, plants are in. Plants play well with pretty much any style and the vast variety of pots, baskets, and hanging plant holders, can be customized to complement your space. While there have always been the green thumbs among us who tend their indoor gardens, many new plant owners have joined the party. The current trend also involves more than just one or two little accent plants. The plants have become the focal point and the artistry is in selecting complementary plants and arranging them to best present your space.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest


6. Grandmillenial Style

One fascinating recent trend is being labeled “grandmillenial style” named for its granny look being implemented by millenials. This style is based on prints, florals, wall paper, and traditional furniture, and lamps that you might find at your grandparents’ house. Some speculate that when times are unpredictable, people gravitate towards the familiar. What’s more familiar than grandma’s house?

Image Courtesy of the Providence Journal


7. Outdoor Spaces 

The concept of “social distancing” has given a whole new importance to our outdoor spaces! Whether a spacious backyard decked out with a firepit, pavillion, and water feature or just cozying up a back porch with a few chairs and cushions, outdoor spaces are trending like never before.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Image Courtesy of One kindesign

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